Phd Defence:” Investigation of grain size and shape effects on crystal plasticity by dislocation dynamics simulations”

Phd Candidate: Maoyuan Jiang
Tuesday 04/05/2019, 13h30
Amphi 3, Bâtiment Eiffel, CentraleSupélec, 8-10 rue Joliot-Curie, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Seminar:”Machine learning for atomistic materials science”

Speaker: Dr. Mihai-Cosmin Marinica
Tuesday 21/05/2019 10h30
LEM meeting room (E2.01.20), Châtillon.

Dr. Enrica Epifano seminar

"Thermodynamic aspects of nuclear fuels. Case studies: (U,Am)O2 and JOG chemistry in fast reactors", Thursday 9th May at 11h (LEM Conference room E2.01.20).  

Dr. Esko Kauppinen seminar

"Tuning the SWNT atomic structure during the floatingcatalyst chemical vapor deposition (FC-CVD) synthesis ", Monday 6th May at 14h (LEM Conference room E2.01.20)

Dr Damir Pinek seminar

"A description of 211 MAX Phases Electronic Structure based on Rigid Band Models", Wednesday 15th Mai at 14h00, LEM conference room (E2.01.20), Châtillon.

Dr. Matous Mrovec seminar

"Atomistic simulations of extended defects in iron and its compounds using magnetic bond order potentials", Wednesday 20th March at 11h00, LEM conference room (E2.01.20), Châtillon.