Georges Saada passed away

Georges Saada, Professor Emeritus of the University of Paris 13, Grande Médaille 2008 of the SF2M, passed away last Friday, August 30. George was 87 years old. He was a member of the LEM since 1990.

An artist among us !

Congratulations to Viviane Cothias-Laut (our assistant director) has been selected to publish her work in the art magazine Art Foliio

Dr. Enrica Epifano seminar

“Thermodynamic aspects of nuclear fuels. Case studies: (U,Am)O2 and JOG chemistry in fast reactors”, Thursday 9th May at 11h (LEM Conference room E2.01.20).  

Dr. Esko Kauppinen seminar

“Tuning the SWNT atomic structure during the floatingcatalyst chemical vapor deposition (FC-CVD) synthesis “, Monday 6th May at 14h (LEM Conference room E2.01.20)