CNRS Tenure track position « MATEM »

CNRS Tenure track position « MATEM »

LEM is looking for candidates to develop state-of-the-art research as part of the CNRS junior professorship “New perspectives in electron microscopy for the advanced characterization of innovative materials” (MATEM).

Recruitment aims to fully rely on the functionalities of the TEM/STEM JEOL NEOARM recently installed in the laboratory ( ) to develop and contribute to the emergence of innovative materials, sources of new application concepts.


The laboratory coordinates the MOSTRA project (Microscopy of Sensitive Objects with Reduced Voltages and Corrected Aberrations) in partnership with the GEMaC laboratory ( and the Albert Fert Laboratory ( from the Paris Saclay University. This project made it possible to acquire and install at LEM in 2023 a JEOL NEOARM cold FEG TEM-STEM, corrected for probe aberrations for STEM, capable of operating from 30 to 200kV in all of its functions. It is equipped with the latest generation of detectors (Mepidix3 camera for direct detection of electrons, several segmented STEM detectors, 2 EDS detectors), a CEFID electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS), a lens of Lorentz. This equipment is completed by a set of object holders, including a tilt-rotation, a cold analytical object holder with a transfer box from a glove box, and an object holder for tomography. The machine thus brings together a unique set of functionalities and is capable of implementing state-of-the-art techniques such as STEM4D, angularly resolved EELS (AR-EELS) or even the acquisition of images in DPC to map physical fields.

Scientific project

Candidates will focus on developing spectroscopy and physical field mapping methods on MOSTRA to establish quantitative correlations of the physical properties to which these methods give access on an atomic and nanometric scale with the structural and macroscopic properties of materials of interest for the laboratory.

Teaching project

Candidates must propose a teaching project (28 hours of lectures or 42 hours of practical or supervised work) related to the theme of the chair. This teaching project will then be discussed and finalized with the concerned university.


Tenure track position for a period of 3 to 6 years depending on the candidate’s profile and experience then, if positive evaluation, tenure as CNRS Research Director.

 Working environment

 The LEM is a CNRS-ONERA Joint Research Unit located on the ONERA site in Châtillon (92). The laboratory conducts fundamental studies in condensed matter physics with an approach that combines theoretical and experimental developments, advanced modeling, synthesis and characterizations of materials and nanomaterials (0D, 1D, 2D and theirs heterostructures). LEM activities are carried out with strong collaborations with academic laboratories at local, national and international levels as well as with ONERA departments. The research carried out by the laboratory mainly concerns the fields of optoelectronics, nanotechnologies, quantum technologies, aeronautics and space.

The laboratory includes 10 permanent CNRS or ONERA researchers, 1 study engineer and 1 research engineer in charge of the MOSTRA platform, and around ten doctoral and post-doctoral students. Transmission electron microscopy is a flagship technique of the laboratory, which also has means of preparing and manufacturing samples by physical and chemical means, means of thermal treatments, means of observation and characterization by force microscopy atomic, by X-ray diffraction, and by optical spectroscopy. The LEM also carries out advanced modeling activities on the microstructures developing in materials and in nanomaterials (crystallography, chemistry, thermodynamics, defects) in connection with their physical properties (electronic, optical, mechanical) using approaches at different scales : ab initio calculations, tight binding, Monte Carlo simulations, molecular dynamics, dislocation dynamics, phase field method, artificial intelligence.

Contact :
Mathieu Fèvre (, Yann Le Bouar ( – LEM Directors

Additional information and to apply:

job : Researcher (3 to 6 years)

Location : ONERA Chatillon

Expertise: -

Academic degree : PhD

Contacts : Mathieu Fèvre, Yann Le Bouar (Email Us)


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